Fractured Tooth Management

Read this before committing to tooth extraction:

Fractured teeth, or cracked teeth, can sometimes seem like a lost cause and extraction might seem like the only option. However, many times teeth are pulled even though they could have been saved, often with a simple root canal therapy.

Our doctors are experts at accurately diagnosing your situation. From there we can take measures to help save your natural tooth before the issue becomes more complex. Let us take a look and give you our best treatment recommendations for your condition.

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Our doctors, Dr. Mindo Lee, Dr. Stephen Park, and Dr. Doo Yong Lim, are renown experts of endodontics in Los Angeles. With over 45 years of combined experience with dentistry and fractured tooth management, we can provide you expert diagnoses and treatments.

We can guarantee that you will have a pleasant and comfortable experience at our office!

Sophisticated Dental Technology
Meets Excellence in Patient Care

Sophisticated Dental Technology

Meets Excellence in Patient Care

As specialists of endodontics, we have invested heavily into state-of-the-art robotics, technology, and the latest surgical trainings specific to endodontic procedures. Therefore, we are able to provide a level of treatment that general dentists simply cannot provide.

At Los Angeles Center for Endodontics, we have an amazing team of highly trained dental professionals who have your health and well-being at heart. Our doctors and staff are here to provide you excellence care with the utmost comfort in our practice.

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Fractured Tooth Patient Testimonials

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Nemuel T.
Nemuel T.
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These Drs are definitely the best in the SoCal region. Dr park has been very patient with details during my time here. He was able to explain everything that needed to be done and did everything with ease. I felt very comfortable walking in and confident walking out.

Please give them a visit. The whole place is clean, friendly staff and can accommodate you in every way. There's also a parking structure in the building so no need to worry about that. You will be taken care of here. Thanks again!
Cindy Frias
Cindy Frias
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I would come back here & see Dr. Mindo Lee, he’s a great listener & was able to put my anxious self at ease, which I greatly appreciated. He took the time to explain everything he would be doing before & during my procedure. Anytime he noticed I was in any type of discomfort he would stop, reassess, and make sure I didn’t feel a thing. His staff was very knowledgeable efficient & friendly. Thank you to you & your staff for your great care!
Thomas Song
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Dr. Mindo Lee was the best. I thought that I had to take the tooth out because it was hurting so much and that was the advice I got from other dentistry, but Dr. Lee was able to save it. The entire process was painless. I regret not coming to him the first place.

Highly recommended.
Jenn T.
Jenn T.
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I was referred to Dr. Lee by a friend and I am extremely appreciative of their excellent customer service along with top notch professionalism, especially during Covid-19.

All precautions are taken very seriously. Every person starting from the front desk receptionists leading back to the patient room with Dr. Lee and his two amazing dental assistants are extremely patient, kind and comforting throughout the entire process.

They show genuine concern for your comfort and interests and will kindly walk you through your procedure with clear details and provide you with great treatment options.

If you are deciding whether to choose Dr. Mindo Lee as your Endodontics dentist, please go right ahead and do so. You won't be disappointed, I assure you.

P.s. It's a very convenient location and there's lots of parking in their structure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fractured Tooth Management

A cracked tooth (known as a fractured tooth in dentistry) occurs from any number of circumstances. Whether they are the result of trauma or abnormal occlusion, cracks and fractures can be superficial, or they can extend deeper and lead to more complex problems. If your pain is suspected to be caused by a fracture, our endodontic team can help identify the nature of the problem. And if your tooth does indeed have a crack, our endodontist will guide you towards the best treatment recommendations for your condition.

diagram of teeth with the words "5 main types of tooth fractures"

Most cracked teeth fit into one of these five categories:

1. Fractured Cusp

tooth with fractured cusp

A fractured cusp usually results from the cusp being too weak to withstand normal bite pressure. The portion of the tooth affected may rupture and need to be removed by a dental specialist. Endodontic evaluation is essential, because this type of injury may cause damage to the pulp. A crown is then assembled on top of your tooth to protect it from further damage.

2. Split Tooth

tooth with split crown

A split tooth consists of distinct segments. The ability that an endodontist has to salvage a split tooth depends on:

  • The extent of the damage.
  • The position of the segments.
  • The endodontic treatment options available.

Coordinated treatment and restoration efforts by a qualified endodontist and your dentist may save the tooth.

3. Vertical Root Fractures

tooth with vertical fracture

Vertical root fractures are cracks that have been left untreated and now result in an infection of the bone and gums. Dependent on the tooth and the level of infection, patients can either have an endodontic surgery to save the tooth or completely extract it.

4. Cracked Tooth

A crack that originates at the chewing surface to the root of the tooth is considered a cracked tooth. The crack may continue below the gumline, and this type of injury often causes damage to the tooth’s nerve. A root canal may be necessary. If left untreated, the condition may get worse and cause chronic pain. Early detection is crucial to ensure the best possible outcome.

5. Craze Lines

Craze lines refer to the cracks that are only on the outer enamel of the tooth and rarely warrant concern.

Treatment for cracked teeth depends largely on the type and severity of the crack. Our specialists, Dr. Mindo Lee, Dr. Stephen Park, or Dr. Doo Yong Lim will closely examine your tooth under high magnification and utilize high-tech imaging hardware to quickly get you on the road to recovery. Often, root canal therapy is the best treatment for a cracked tooth and can help save the natural tooth before the issue becomes more complex. If the damage of the tooth is severe, we recommend extraction.

A Fractured Tooth is often the result of:

  1. Trauma
  2. Improper alignment of teeth when you bite (known as abnormal occlusion)

Regardless of the cause, cracks and fractures can be superficial, or they can extend deeper and lead to more complex problems.

As with most conditions, there are symptoms that indicate you may have a cracked tooth. The most common symptoms of a fractured tooth are:

  • Pain when biting or chewing.
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with your dentist or with Los Angeles Center For Endodontics. We are experts in diagnosing and treating cracked teeth.

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