Practice Policies

Financial Policies

As with all aspects of our business, we have made our financial policy fully transparent. This section should answer any questions you have regarding finances and how to pay for your procedure.

Patient Billing

We deliver the finest care at the most reasonable cost to our patients. Payment is due at the time service is rendered. The only exception to this is if other arrangements have been made in advance. If you have questions regarding your account, please contact us. Often times, a simple telephone call will clear any misunderstandings.

You are fully responsible for all fees and charges regardless of your insurance coverage.

We may send you a monthly statement. Most insurance companies will respond within four to six weeks. Please call our office if your statement does not reflect your insurance payment within that time frame. Any remaining balance after your insurance has paid is your responsibility. We appreciate your prompt remittance.

Payment Methods

Cash, check, and major credit cards accepted.

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Financing Options

We offer special financing through Care Credit.

Insurance Policies

At the Los Angeles Center for Endodontics, we make every effort to provide you with the finest care and the most convenient financial options. One way that we do that is by helping you maximize your insurance benefits. However, because insurance policies vary, we can only estimate your coverage in good faith. We are not able to guarantee coverage due to the complexities of insurance contracts. To accomplish this we work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures.

  • Please bring your insurance information with you to the consultation so that we can expedite reimbursement.
  • We accept all PPO dental insurance plans.
  • We are proud provider of DeltaCare USA Facility #058831

To provide the best service for our patients with prompt timing, we unfortunately do not accept HMO insurances at this time.

Insurance Plans: Your dental benefit is a contract between you or your employer and the insuring company. Benefits and payments received are based on the terms of the contract negotiated between you or your employer and the insuring company. We are happy to help our patients with dental benefit plans to understand and maximize their coverage.

Our practice may NOT be a contracted provider with your insurance’s network.

If we are a contracted provider with your plan, you are responsible only for your portion of the approved fee as determined by your plan. We are required to collect the patient’s portion (deductible, co-insurance, co-pay, or any amount not covered by the dental benefit plan) in full at time of service. If our estimate of your portion is less than the amount determined by your plan, the amount billed to you will be adjusted to reflect this.

If we are not a contracted provider with your insurance plan, it is the patient’s responsibility to verify with the insurance company whether the plan allows patients to receive reimbursement for services from out-of-network providers. If your plan allows reimbursement for services from out-of-network providers, our practice can file the claim with your plan and receive reimbursement directly from the plan if you “assign benefits” to us. In this circumstance, you are responsible and will be billed for any unpaid balance for services rendered upon receipt of payment from the plan to our practice, even if that amount is different than our estimated patient portion of the bill. If you choose to not “assign benefits” to our practice, you are responsible for filing claims and obtaining reimbursement directly from your insurance company and will be responsible for payment to our practice before or at the time of service.

Scheduling Policy

We schedule all our patients as promptly as possible and we try our best to stay on schedule to minimize your waiting. However, in rare circumstances, emergency patients may take priority and this may cause delays.

Even so, we reserve the doctor’s time on the schedule for each patient procedure so we require a 48 hour notice to reschedule an appointment. To serve all patients in a timely manner, we may need to reschedule an appointment if a patient is 15 minutes late or more.

Late rescheduling, being late to an appointment, or missing an appointment may require rescheduling and may incur a fee of no more than $50 and/or a deposit to reserve future appointments. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

Questions about any of our policies?

If you have trouble understanding anything, we’re here to help you!