Root Canal Retreatment

Is your past root canal causing issues again? Told you need to extract your tooth?

It’s an unfortunate reality that root canals can be done incorrectly or misapplied to your unique situation. Sometimes, patients are incorrectly told that since the root canal didn’t work, their tooth must be extracted. It’s possible that your tooth can be saved with a simple retreatment!

Rest assured, our dentists are experts at diagnosing when a root canal retreatment is needed and providing it properly without pain. We provide excellent retreatments for patients who have had root canals done elsewhere but are still experiencing pain and issues with their teeth. Inquire a retreatment consultation with us.

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Leading Experts of Endodontics

Our doctors, Dr. Mindo Lee, Dr. Stephen Park, and Dr. Doo Yong Lim, are renown experts of endodontics in Los Angeles. With over 45 years of combined experience with root canals, we can provide you expert diagnoses and retreatments.

Let us take a second look at your tooth and help retreat it. It’s very possible that we can give you relief from pain immediately and save it from extraction.

Sophisticated Dental Technology
Meets Excellence in Patient Care

Sophisticated Dental Technology

Meets Excellence in Patient Care

As specialists of endodontics, we have invested heavily into state-of-the-art robotics, technology, and the latest surgical trainings specific to endodontic procedures. Therefore, we are able to provide a level of treatment that general dentists simply cannot provide.

At Los Angeles Center for Endodontics, we have an amazing team of highly trained dental professionals who have your health and well-being at heart. Our doctors and staff are here to provide you excellence care with the utmost comfort in our practice.

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Advanced Technology

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Get a retreatment consultation with us

– Get an expert diagnosis and fully understand what your options are.
– Get an expert recommendation for what to do next.

Retreatment Patient Testimonials

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Yulia Puzanova
Yulia Puzanova
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Excellent and friendly staff, it was super easy to make an appointment.

Dr. Mindo Lee is such a professional in his field! I liked that he was very honest and I didn’t feel forced into a decision I would not be comfortable with - he thoroughly explained the procedure, the recovery from it and what were the chances it would be successful, (in my case it was retreatment of my infected root canal) so you know what to expect.

He was able to save my tooth by performing retreatment (couple dentists before him were saying that I absolutely needed to extract it). Needless to say I was very glad I didn’t listen to them and came to Los Angeles Center For Endodontics.

Now it’s all healed and I couldn’t be any happier! Thank you, definitely would recommend this clinic.
Marissa Gmz
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I came all the way from Long Beach to get seen. I was in so much pain due to a root canal that needed retreatment. Dr. Lee and his staff got me in the same day. The front desk was kind and courteous. And Dr. Lee is detailed and explained everything before starting procedure.

I can tell he genuinely cares about his patients. I am so appreciative of him and his staff. I been in so much pain for so long, and I finally found someone that took care of me and my tooth.🦷

Thank you Dr. Lee,
You guys are the best!

I Recommend anyone looking to get a root canal or retreatment root canal to come to this office. They will take care of you❤️

Another great experience!
Deanna Smith
Deanna Smith
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... Though I live in the Valley, and the office is in Koreatown, I highly recommend Dr. Lee. After doing extensive research, I went to Dr. Lee because I needed a qualified Endodontist and was not disappointed. It is always hard to trust strictly based on Yelp or Google reviews since you never know who is writing them. But Dr. Lee is by far the best Endodontist I have ever been to and is well worth the drive. They even have Saturday appointments available which makes things very convenient if you work during the week. In addition, they have a parking structure, at no charge, that provides ample parking and each level has direct access to the building.

I had to get a root canal retreatment on 01/29/21 of my front upper right tooth (also known as the #8 tooth). In addition, I had developed an infection above the tooth that needed to be cleaned out as well. It had been over 30 years since my last root canal and had to be completely redone. Dr. Lee was very patient and thorough in discussing all of the 3 options as to how to accomplish this. And while the option I chose meant that the whole process would overall take longer than I would have hoped, it also provided me with the best chance of success in getting it fixed right in one shot rather than repeated procedures...

I truly appreciated Dr. Lee and his staff for all of their help in fixing my tooth and highly recommend them if you are in need of an excellent Endodontist!
Justin S.
Justin S.
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First off I want to say that I was extremely nervous coming in to get a route canal retreatment. But Dr. Lee made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after the procedure!!

He did the procedure pain free and you can tell that he has great confidence and knowledge in this field. Thank you so much!!

This place definitely proved to show that they care about their patient's needs. I would recommend coming here first and foremost before seeing any other endodontists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Root Canal Retreatment

Retreatment therapy is necessary when root canal therapy or root canal surgery does not heal optimally. The other reason retreatment may be necessary is when the tooth becomes reinfected. These are some of the primary causes:

Complex canals

    • Sometimes an individual may have a curved or narrow canal or one complicated in its structure. That means that the doctor may not treat it during the initial procedure.

Delayed placement of restorations

    • If restorations are not placed within an appropriate amount of time following the initial root canal procedure, this can lead to canals becoming reinfected and needing additional treatment.

Improper placement of restorations

    • When a professional improperly places a restoration, saliva can sometimes contaminate the inside of the tooth.

Fractured restoration

    • Sometimes new decay can loosen the restoration and lead to a fracture on the restoration or tooth. A fracture exposes the tooth to a new infection.

Improper treatment

    • Improper treatment on the root canal system of the tooth during the first root canal can lead retreatment.

Foreign body

    • Sometimes during the initial root canal procedure a foreign body or object, such as a separated file, is left inside the tooth. This is very rare, but when it happens, retreatment is necessary.

Retreatments can be complex, requiring high magnification and digital imaging, but this is an area in which our endodontists at Los Angeles Center for Endodontics are well-studied and practiced. The materials used for the original root canal filling are then removed so our endodontist can carefully examine the inside of the problematic tooth. Any new infection is then addressed, and our endodontist cleans and shapes the canals, placing root canal filling materials and a temporary filling in the crown afterward, as with the original root canal treatment.

Once endodontic treatment is complete, we send a record of your treatment to your general dentist. Your general dentist will decide on what type of restoration is necessary to protect your tooth and restore functionality.

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